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"I don't teach because I like to be in charge. I teach in hopes to inspire others, not just with education but with passion and energy."

Born and raised in the Washington DC area, Seven grew up surrounded by a melting pot of music, art, fashion, culture, and diversity where self-expression has always been important to individuals. Fortunately for hairdressers, hair usually makes it to the top of one's list amongst the easiest way for self-expression and change.

"There's something about expressing ourselves with hair that gives us an edge," says Seven. "When people want a ‘change,' the first thing they think about is their hair. Its the easiest, most effective way for instant gratification. I don't think people realize how big an impact our hair makes in our everyday lives."

Seven's artistic abilities started at an early age while she dabbled in areas of music, design, dance, and art. Each of these areas helped her develop a sense of art toward hair. Many may not consider hair to be artistic, but Seven would be the first to argue the point.

"Artists always have a vision before execution. Hair has different textures, wave patterns, and falls in different directions that one must incorporate these characteristics before any thought process. When it comes to hair, cuts and colors go hand in hand. Envisioning how colors will look with a cut and vice versa is so important. The worst thing would be if they do not compliment each other."

Seven's professional hair career started in 2005 when she made the decision to put her college career on hold to pursue her love of hairdressing. "I have been cutting hair since I was 10 or 11 years old. I was born to do this. Regardless of what anyone else wanted me to do, I knew I had to follow my passion."

Starting at the Aveda Institute in DC then continuing at Paul Mitchell the School in McLean, VA, Seven has since studied across the United States and Europe with and amongst the hair elite. "Building the foundation for my education was important. I wanted to be the best which meant I had to study with the best. One can never stop learning when it comes to hair. Continuing education is so important. Like hair, this industry changes everyday. Whether following trends or starting your own, techniques will forever be changing and evolving. Even as I teach now, I am surprised at how much more there is for us to learn."

Since joining Robert Lewis Salon, Seven began rigorous training with Bumble and bumble. in New York and soon achieved Network Educator status. "I don't teach because I like to be in charge. I teach in hopes to inspire others, not just with education but with passion and energy. In hair school, I had amazing mentors. They inspired and challenged me to reach my potential. I can only hope to do so for others."